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Yoga: an elixir of vitality

Yoga is a discipline that dates back more than 5,000 years. Above all, it is a lifestyle for assuring superior physical and mental health. Through yoga, anyone can learn an enjoyable way of improving his or her own health by being conscious of the body and mind. Simple techniques such as deep and conscious breathing and certain specific movements, allow the spinal column and joints to recover their flexibility. More and more doctors are discovering the benefits of yoga and are recommending it to their patients.

And more and more people are turning to yoga in order to preserve the youthfulness of their bodies, spirit and soul. Whether it is for gardening, playing with young children, playing golf or simply feeling more comfortable in one’s own skin, yoga is a tried and tested method for improving vitality. Its regular practice leads to greater confidence in oneself, improved flexibility of joints and muscles, better balance and increased energy.


Yoga adapted to the realities of seniors

Yoga Tout suggests a series of classic postures done while seated on a chair to ensure safety. Each posture has been chosen for its benefits to the body and spirit. For example, special attention is given to a movement of joints known as Pawanmuktasana in Sanskrit. It is important to pay special attention to the joints, as they allow the body to move, hold and touch objects etc. A great deal of tension can accumulate in these parts of the body, preventing the circulation of energy.

Joints ensure the flexibility, mobility and adaptability of the body. Yoga postures lubricate the joints, making them more flexible, for a longer and more active life. The postures are excellent for relieving rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart problems. They are recommended for eliminating blockages of energy in the joints and extremities.

We can see a number of benefits through practicing yoga:

Improvement of well-being


Course description

Yoga Tout offers yoga services adapted to the realities of seniors living in public and private residences by providing an hour-long course. Yoga Tout suggests weekly practice so that seniors can truly feel the benefits. Biweekly practice is encouraged and even recommended. The courses aim to improve mobility and balance to prevent falls, to increase awareness of breathing and uncover a sense of deep calm with benefits for our mental state, all within a warm and respectful environment. The courses were conceived for practice while seated on a chair, in order to allow everyone, regardless of whether they exercise or not, to participate safely. Depending on the physical condition of participants, standing postures are also part of the practice.



Carole Morency


Carole has been practicing yoga since the age of 13. Over the years, she has developed a true passion for this age-old science. Diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes 20 years ago, she has watched her condition improve and overall state of health reach optimal level. Having seen the benefits of yoga in her own life, she now works to share her knowledge with others.

Carole’s mother died following hip surgery. The suffering endured by her mother became the deciding factor in inspiring Carole to found Yoga Tout and teach yoga specially adapted for seniors.  Yoga Tout is now present in over 30 senior homes, spreading the benefits of yoga amongs elderly.

With a diploma in translation from l’Université de Montréal, Carole has held several important positions within the communications field. Her true passion, however, has always been yoga, and her life soon followed that path. A master of yoga with a diploma in classic Hatha yoga, Carole continued her studies with certification in Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and Cancer Certification training ™, Silver Age Yoga and Yoga pour les aînés.